Woman Apologizes to Her Deceased Friend’s Children on Mother’s Day

Happy-mothers-day-2014-wallpapers-from-kidsDear Little Ones,

I’m so very sorry you don’t have your extraordinary Mommy today. This breaks my heart for you and your wonderful Daddy. Know this little ones, your Mommy was the most loving and happiest person I’ve ever met. She was some sort of life force who could bring out the best in me and everyone else who had the good fortune of knowing her. I loved your Mommy very much. She was one of my most treasured friends. I miss her terribly and often find myself wondering what she might say to me in a given moment. But she was not my Mom. She was and always will be yours! You are her life’s work. You, her best beloveds, are her magnum opus!

Somehow, just like magic (let’s call it ‘magic’ because I have no other explanation) your Mommy saw the world through rose-colored glasses. When I say ‘world’, I mean LIFE. When I say ‘life’, I mean the PRESENT MOMENT. No matter what was happening in that moment or what might be troubling or confusing, your Mommy could somehow magically see it differently. She did so in an instant and with ease. It was who she was, not anything she tried to be. Your Mommy had this grace embedded into her and she radiated it for the rest of us to experience. You are of her body, her heart and her soul. You are hers. She is yours. Know that you have this same magic in you.

I cannot explain why she isn’t here today anymore than I can explain a rainbow or butterfly or the feelings you get from swimming in the sea and watching the waves. I will try to explain whatever else you bring to me, just as your Mommy would want me to. Together, we will come to realize that she has not left, but changed into being everywhere, at every moment. I want to help you feel safe. I want to show you how to be quiet so that you can hear her whisper. Close your eyes and remain still. Listen to your heart and you will find her. You can do this anytime you want. You have her magic. When the time feels right, open your eyes and take a deep breath or two. Then walk back into your life. Love it. Live it. Remember her favorite story and what it teaches you. It is the truth. You have what Dorothy has – and remember, it doesn’t come from her ruby red slippers. You have the power to create your heart’s desire. You choose your life and make it beautiful. This is the magic your Mommy knew and what she has passed on to you. Use it.


Mommy’s Friend