Girl Apologizes to Herself and Reminds Herself that She is Worthy!

worthy I didn’t give you adequate credit when you made the “right” decisions but I gave you extensive criticisms when you made the “wrong” ones. I didnt trust that you understood the consequence to moving out of your comfort zone to seek new adventures with new paths. I faulted you for choosing to grow. I was wrong to be hard on you and make you feel less than, let you feel rejected by people’s actions when it was theirs personal choices and had nothing to do with you. I made you feel like you let disappointed people who relied on you. I was wrong each time and I want to tell you how sorry I am because I was the one who made you feel rejected! You are perfect the way you are and you’re choices were all good choices because they were all part of growth, learning and today I want to reassure you that you are worthy of every lofty dream you hold and very desire that you possess. You are incredible, perfect loving girl and you deserve the best that life has to offer to you. The  world loves you just the way you are and so do I, immensely!! Live your most perfect life and everything you desire will manifest, It already is!